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Project Description

Your Shareholders Are More Than Just a Number

At Sockeye we know that your Shareholders are much more than just a number. They are members of your community and your family and we want to help you engage and support your shareholders in new ways using modern technology. Sockeye is a local Alaskan company and we are very proud to work with village and regional Alaska Native Corporations throughout our great state. We understand ANCs have unique needs to support their shareholders and meet the specific requirements of managing ANCSA stock information. We also know stock management is just a piece of the full range of services you want to provide, so we have built the tools to help accomplish those goals. We are committed to working with all of our Alaska Native Corporation customers to continue to bring new capabilities as corporations grow and find new ways to engage and support their shareholders.

Empowering Alaska’s People

We work with many Alaska Native Corporations from large regional to small village corporations. We specialize in providing modern software solutions to that strengthen processes and enable corporations to reach their goals.

Does Your Corporation Need Shareholder Records Management? 

Our Shareholder Records Management system is unique and specifically designed to meet the needs of Alaska Native Corporations. The solution accommodates the varying ways that corporations manage stock and the wide variety of programs they use to empower their shareholders, such as:

  • Stock Management
  • Scholarship Program Management
  • Shareholder Development and Talent Bank
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Shareholder Online Web Portal
  • Annual Meeting Management

  • Open Enrollment/New Stock Classes
  • Financial System Integration/Dividend Processing
  • Shareholder Information Management
  • Shareholder Communications Tracking
  • Career Development
  • And More to Come!