Government & Public Sector


Meeting the Needs of Modern Government Sockeye has worked with many state and local governments. We have created solutions specifically designed to overcome common challenges in government while maintaining the flexibility needed to handle different regulatory environments.Grants ManagementConstituent Relations/Communications – Executive and LegislativeHealth and Social ServicesCase ManagementWeb PortalsPerformance-Based Budgeting



Control Costs. Maximize Profits. Manufacturing is a challenging and competitive industry influenced heavily by global economics. Innovative and efficient processes are required to be competitive in order to track and control costs, ensuring your organization achieves target profit margins and is able to price products competitively. At Sockeye we understand these challenges and are ready [...]

Construction & Engineering


Expanding Opportunities and Creating Efficiencies At Sockeye we have worked with construction and engineering firms and numerous associated specialty organizations. Whether you are looking to grow your organization, improve your financials, acquire new companies, or manage your staff and projects – Sockeye has software solutions to help. Growth, Efficiency, and Collaboration - For Both Multi-Disciplined [...]

Service & Retail


Unique Solutions for Unique Companies The service and retail industry is composed of a wide variety of businesses operating in many areas of specialties. While solutions exist for standard retail outlets or extremely common service organizations, many unique companies are left shoe-horning themselves into software not designed for their business processes. Sockeye specializes in [...]