Connecting Government to its Constituents

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Sockeye is proud to provide a powerful solution designed to meet the needs of government entities that want to connect more effectively with their constituents. We work with Governor’s Offices, Legislatures, and Local Governments to help them communicate clearly and promptly while improving the quality of their relationship with their constituents.

Our Constituent Relationship Management solution has a wide variety of capabilities to offer for a government interested in more effectively managing communication with their constituents, whether it is a specific group of constituents or all constituents within their jurisdiction.

Capabilities for State and Local Government

Constituent Communications

  • Web Portal Integration
  • Communication Analysis
  • Template Email and Letter Mail Merge Responses
  • Constituent Sentiment Analysis
  • Case Management and Referrals
  • Titles or Affiliations, Communications History, Contact Information
  • Social Media Listening & Constituent Communication Topics
  • Powerful Security and Privacy Capabilities
  • Multi-Tenant Configuration and Security for Legislatures
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook Integration

Boards & Commissions Management (Executive Branch)

  • Web Portal Integration
  • Track and Manage Boards and Board Positions
  • Manage Board Terms, Position Requirements, and other criteria
  • Identify and select applicants or candidates
  • Monitor upcoming Board Openings
  • Data integrated with Constituent Communications
  • Template Email or Mail Merge Communications
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook Integration

Executive Scheduling

  • Web Portal Integration
  • Evaluate and Accept or Decline Requests
  • Template Email or Mail Merge Responses
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook Calendar Integration

Platform Used

We utilize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for our Local Government Audit Tracking software. This provides your department with the benefit of Microsoft’s investment and ongoing support of the platform for security enhancements, interface improvements, new features, and compatibility. The Microsoft Office look and feel allows your employees to quickly learn and take advantage of the powerful capabilities available within the CRM platform.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is commonly supported within IT departments, meaning your internal technology experts will have the knowledge and understanding to manage and implement the supporting infrastructure and facilitate integration with other systems.