Making Local Government Reporting & Auditing Transparent

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Sockeye’s Local Government Audit Tracking software is designed for state governments to manage the submission, review, approval, and fees for local government audits and annual financial reports.

Our system allows both local government entities and approved CPA firms to access a web portal for submitting information and audits, as well as an internal management system for state government to review and approve. The system enables state governments to better track reporting requirements for local government entities, determine fees or fines, and ensure compliance with state and federal requirements.

Designed with Managing Audits in Mind

Portal features: 

  • Submit audits for multiple government entities
  • Manage and attach budgets and financial documents
  • Administer unique security roles
  • View and create announcements

Secure Portal

Our system allows you to easily keep track of reports, audits, and budgets. It automates assessment of filing fees so you don’t have to and allows for workflows of approvals, reviews, and communication to make life easier.

Public Transparency

Platform Used

We utilize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for our Local Government Audit Tracking software. This provides your department with the benefit of Microsoft’s investment and ongoing support of the platform for security enhancements, interface improvements, new features, and compatibility. The Microsoft Office look and feel allows your employees to quickly learn and take advantage of the powerful capabilities available within the CRM platform.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is commonly supported within IT departments, meaning your internal technology experts will have the knowledge and understanding to manage and implement the supporting infrastructure and facilitate integration with other systems.