Manage the Grant Process

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Sockeye’s Grant Management Solution is a software system built to meet the needs of organizations that provide grants through a system of grant solicitations. This solution is well adapted to meet the needs of State and Federal agencies, as well as, large non-profit grant making organizations that provide grants and grant funds.

Our Grant Management system supports granting processes from start to finish. To accomplish this goal, the system utilizes a web portal for Grantees and external parties, as well as an internal Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based database for managing grants, responses, evaluations, awards, and other internal processes.

Powerful and Flexible Capabilities

  • Building Solicitations
  • Posting Solicitations to Web Portal
  • Accepting Responses via Web Portal
  • Amending Solicitations
  • Evaluating Internal & External Responses
  • Scoring Responses
  • Selecting Awards
  • Calculating Payments
  • Defining Grants/Grant Funds
  • Allocating Funds
  • Evaluating Fund Utilization and Availability
  • Collecting Outcomes and Grantee Reporting via Web Portal
  • Re-posting of recurring solicitations
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook Integration
  • Financial Software Integration

Platform Used

We utilize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for our Grant Management solution. This provides your department with the benefit of Microsoft’s investment and ongoing support of the platform for security enhancements, interface, improvements, new features, and compatibility. The Microsoft Office Look and feel allows your employees to quickly learn and take advantage of the power capabilities available within the CRM platform.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is commonly supported within IT departments, meaning your internal technology experts will have the knowledge and understanding to manage and implement the supporting infrastructure and facilitate integration with other systems.