Alaska Native Shareholder Management

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Your Shareholders are more than just a number.

At Sockeye we know that your shareholders are much more than just a number. They are members of your community and your family and we want to help you engage and support your shareholders in new ways using modern technology. Sockeye is a local Alaskan company and we are very proud to work with village and regional Alaska Native Corporations throughout our great state. We understand Alaska Native Corporations have unique needs to support their shareholders and meet the specific requirements of managing ANCSA stock information. We also know stock management is just a piece of the full range of services you want to provide, so we have built the tools to help accomplish those goals. We are committed to working with all of our ANC customers to continue to bring new capabilities as corporations grow and find new ways to engage and support their shareholders.

Flexible and Scalable Capabilities

for Diverse Corporations

While all Alaska Native Corporations are similar in some ways, they are also unique in others. They may use different accounting systems, provide different services to shareholders, and they may be large or small. Our Shareholder Management System is designed to work for any ANC and we have the ability to scale to each of these types of needs. The Sockeye Shareholder Management System is intended to be your System of Record for all Shareholder information and we provide the ability to integrate this data with other applications, such as your accounting system. Beyond the standard stock management, we incorporate the ability to manage other programs and services relevant to your shareholders in a single system, helping you keep a 360 degree view of all the ways you engage your shareholders.

Easy Implementation with Microsoft’s Cloud

Sockeye’s Shareholder Management System is built upon the Dynamics CRM platform. By utilizing this platform your corporation will benefit from the support, research & development, and integration capabilities of Microsoft. This means your users will learn the system more easily, because it works just like Microsoft Office applications. You will be able to leverage your investment in Microsoft system and Office technologies to the fullest extent, and work with familiar integrated tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Sockeye is a Dynamics CRM Gold Partner and is recognized as such by Microsoft for our depth of expertise and capabilities in delivering successful systems to our customers.

  • Shareholder Records – Names, Addresses, All Basic Identifying Information
  • Shareholder Web Portal – Allow Shareholders to retrieve or update information
  • Shareholder Talent Bank – Web Portal Integration, HR, Recruiting
  • Scholarship Management – Applications, Awards, Payment Tracking
  • Relationship Information – Relatives, Dependents, Custodians and Guardians
  • Shareholder Communications History – Email, Phone, Letter, and Appointment Tracking
  • Stock Information – Stock Classes, Shares, Gifts, Inheritance, and other transfer processes
  • Dividend Processing – Standard Dividends, Elder Dividends, and other unique benefits.
  • Financial Integration – Check Batches, Shareholder/Vendor Record Updates
  • Shareholder Portals – Web access for Shareholders
  • Annual Meeting Reporting
  • Email Templates
  • Mail Merges – Letters and Mailing Label Printing
  • Custom Capabilities – Track other types of information? We can handle it.

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