Request a Dynamics 365 CRM Offline Database Backup

 UPDATE: May 8, 2017

The instructions in this article are no longer valid.  Microsoft has removed the ability to request the back-up through a service request.  We are currently working with Microsoft to identify and document the new process. As soon as we have a solution, we will post another update.  Thanks!

Why you benefit from requesting a Dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup

If you provide development support for Dynamics 365 CRM Online clients, a Dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup may be useful. Synchronizing an on premise development organization with an online production organization using a database backup (i.e. *_MSCRM) is useful when the client has only one online instance. In this way, you can fully develop and test solutions before importing into the online instance.

Keep current with Dynamics 365 changes

NOTE – new functionality is available now for Enterprise Licensing called Customer Backup and Restore, using Azure storage.


You can request a dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup by calling Dynamics 365 Technical Support or by creating a Service Request in the Admin Center. This post describes how to request via a Service Request.

The person making the request must be a system administrator in the CRM instance.

Create a Service Request

Navigate to the Admin Portal for the online instance and login using a CRM System Administrator credentials.

Under Support, click Support.  Click “Dynamics 365” on the Create a Service Request form.

dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup

From the “Feature” dropdown list, select Online Service Availability and Administration Center.

dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup

From the “Symptom” dropdown list select Instance Backup and Restore

dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup

in the Issue Summary enter “Request a dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup copy of the SQL Server Database for instance name” . Replace instance name with the name of the instance you are requesting. This field will be the title of the resulting service request.

Enter these four lines into the Issue Details field. Defining this correctly saves a lot of time.

  • https://<domain or orgname>
  • SQL version: 2014 Standard
  • Name:
  • Email:

Enter these two lines for the CRM instance and the backup file format (SQL Server version).

Line 1 – URL of your CRM instance

Line 2 – SQL Version: 2014 Standard (or what flavor of SQL Server do you want the backup file to be)

Information about the user requesting Backup:

Line 3 – Name – Must be someone in the CRM instance with the SysAdmin role.

Line 4 – Email Address – Must be someone in the CRM instance with the SysAdmin role.

Proceed thru the rest of the wizard, at one point, you’ll be asked for the named CRM user’s email address that the request will be. This user must have the SysAdmin role to that CRM Instance.

Microsoft response to your service request

After submitting the request thru the Admin Center, the user named above will be notified via email about this request. This user will receive a follow-up email requesting approval. Once approved, the user will receive an email with ftp information to retrieve the database backup file.  A typical response with ftp information appears below. Once you have the *.bak file locally, you can restore the org by following the instructions at Migrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (on-premises). A useful, open source ftp client (FileZilla) can be used to download the file.

Dear customer,
The database copy of your CRM Online Organization that you requested through our Power Of Choice migration program is now available for you to download.
Please find below the FTP details required to download the database backup file, details of how to connect and download the file will be sent to you in a separate email:

Organization Id: cd24cf29-2ec8-4501-8333-58337c2e67a0
Friendly Name: Your CRM Domain
Unique Name: orgname
Domain Name: Domain_name
Initial User Email:
Initial User Name: username
FTP User Name: GZRZFd49ac
FTP User Password: aSebW?w#xaU*L3m

Please note this email is sent from an unmonitored email address so please do not reply to this email. If you have any questions or issues downloading the backup file please contact the CRM Support Engineer who has been assisting you with your request.
The Microsoft CRM Online Service Team


Requesting and restoring a Dynamics 365 CRM offline database backup can reduce your development time by synchronizing your on-premise development organization with an online instance.

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