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Our Proven Process Delivers Results

Our Services and Expertise

Sockeye’s expertise is solving complex business challenges because we have a clear business and technical understanding of how each solution platform will work to solve those challenges.  Our services include: software development, implementation services, business intelligence/reporting,  training and support, project management and business process analysis.

Technology Platforms

We deliver value to our clients by utilizing enterprise Microsoft technology platforms. Sockeye is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365), representing the highest level of certification available to a Microsoft partner consulting firm. Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge and strategic focus on our configurations of these platforms to meet our clients’ business objectives.

Our Software Products

Over time we have encountered numerous organizations in need of a flexible software product for their niche industry. We have extensive experience consulting with clients to understand their business processes and offer services to match those processes with the best possible product for implementation, configuration, support, and success.


Whether you know the exact challenge your business is facing, or are looking for help in identifying the issue, Sockeye is able to step you through the discovery process.  With our business analysis services, we will work with you to understand current business processes, investigate pain points or gaps, and look for opportunities to gain efficiency. We understand that not all challenges are equal, so our skilled analysts will work with you to help understand the “business value” or identified/requested features to maximize your return on investment.


The primary purpose of the design process is to take the stated objectives of a feature or entire system, and produce an actionable design that can be handed over to development.  Sockeye’s proven design process facilitates the effective and efficient transfer of information from sales all the way through to implementation, and in doing so allows us to deliver quality products that are aligned with our client’s expectations. Our goal for the design phase is to reduce confusion about requirements, provide guidance on cost-benefit analysis, set client expectations, and reduce costly re-work.


The Sockeye team members have 200+ years of combined experience in development that we put to work for you.  Specializing in limited development platforms allows our developers to reach expert level proficiency which directly benefits our customers. During the development phase, Sockeye design specifications are transformed into a complete and integrated system and all components are validated for compliance to requirements and design.


 Testing is arguably the most important part of the solution delivery process.  Effective testing begins with the creation of a solid test plan, after all, you can’t begin to test properly unless you know what and when something needs to be tested.  We help our customers plan and coordinate an effective plan to properly test business process across the entire solution footprint. 

Unit Testing (performed during development cycle) • Integration (completed when a group of components are combined to produce output)
Functional (ensures that requirements are met) • Stress/Performance (coordinated effort with Sockeye and customer to ensure performance)
Acceptance (performed by client to ensure system meets expectations)


We take pride in delivering custom solutions that meet your business needs.  Whether we are helping to define a new business process, helping to automate a current process flow, or overhauling an entire custom application, Sockeye will work with you to ensure we deliver a product you’ll love on schedule and on budget. Our applications are built upon a solid application framework utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Intacct, and more.


At Sockeye, support starts at the beginning of the project and continues well after execution, for the life of the product.  Our support inbox is constantly monitored to ensure timely response as well as escalation procedures to ensure issues are resolved in minimal time. In addition to providing support on the solutions that Sockeye has implemented, we also offer support for Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint solutions that may have been initially created by internal resources or other third parties.  Give us a call today to see how we can support your business needs.

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