Our Core Values

Sockeye's core values have been lived out since our beginning in 2007. The leadership team demonstrates these values and the trickle down to the staff has created a vibrant company.

Believe It's Possible

• Be Optimistic
• Bring Ideas to the Table
• Never Give Up

Live with Integrity

• Honesty Matters
• Follow Through on Your Commitments
• Own Your Mistakes

Empower to Succeed

• Lead with Humility
• Share Knowledge Freely
• Celebrate Success

See the Big Picture

• Keep Perspective and Understand the Impact
• Do Your Homework
• Understand Why - Solve How Later

Value Your Work

• Fully Invest
• Take Ownership
• Take Pride in Everything You Do

Challenge the Status Quo

• Speak Up
• Deliver Innovative Ideas
• Step Outside Your Comfort Zone