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Sexual Assault Kit Tracking for Governments

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Built for Purpose

Sockeye developed Truuli to improve agencies’ ability to manage the processing of Sexual Assault Kits from the moment they are distributed to agencies all the way through to the prosecution of the perpetrator.

Truuli coordinates processes between agencies and allows outside users like investigators, survivor support organizations, case managers, etc. to access specific information to track the kits that they are assigned.

Built for Visibility

Truuli was built for visibility. Kit tracking begins with distribution and as the kit moves through collection, evidence, testing, and prosecution each check point is recorded. Jurisdictions can easily see where each kit is at anytime, follow trends, and prevent ever having a backlog again.

Montana Launches TRUULI, Sockeye’s Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Software

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How to incorporate medical facilities/SANEs/Law Enforcement agencies into Truuli?

Each entity; law enforcement, case managers, attorneys, hospitals, and labs have a unique portal which grants access to only the information relevant to a user. Portals are self-guided and built for intuitive use. Each action is logged so the administrator has a full audit trail.

How do we on board?

Training, customization, and workflows are provided in the implementation process. Depending on the size of jurisdiction, unique grant requirements, and project team availability--Truuli can be up and running in as little as 4 weeks.

How do we report back to the legislature?

Time to process, location, demographics and more are all available in real-time reports making up-to-date reports simple to access using system dashboards.

Can we customize to our processes?

The software is fully configurable to adapt to the changing needs, requirements, and data points within each entities workflows.

How are survivors informed of the status of their kits?

Each state handles this differently, most commonly a Survivor may use a combination of Kit ID, Law Enforcement Case Number, and personal information to be entered into the portal and show the status of the kit along with a guideline of how long it generally takes to go through the process.

How is the system secured?

Information is protected using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 government cloud used by more than 7,000 federal, state, and local government entities. It is compliant with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Service Standards.

Looking for a Kit?

TRUULI is kit tracking software for governments.

If you are trying to locate a kit, please use the RAINN tool to find localized help.

If you are a survivor looking for support, information, advice, or a referral call the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

Additional Resources

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End the Backlog
A Joyful Heart Foundation initiative; this site provides information on the current nationwide backlog of sexual assault kits, support for survivors, and how the public can take action to help resolve this issue.

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